Saturday, May 28, 2011


I'm a bit late to this, but one of my absolute favourite music blogs out there, DAYVAN ZOMBEAR, has started up a Kickstarter to fund DZ TAPES, the record label that's soon-to-be-a-thing. I can't tell you how much great, great stuff I've gotten from that page; it's an absolute goldmine of everything falling under the umbrella of "Experimental", from noise to pyschedelia to lo-fi pop with a whole lot of made-up genres that sound like exactly the sort of thing you want to hear. So with your contributions, DZ TAPES is going to be releasing original up-and-coming artists (oh god, "up and coming", did I really...) which, if the rest of the blog is any measure of taste, will all be fantastic.

Don't think I'd ask you to donate for nothing, though. For your donation of $8[US]/$10[CAN/MEX]/$12[THERE ARE OTHER PLACES?], you'll get a tape (and MP3s) full of ~exclusive~ tracks by a bunch of artists that fall into the (vast) DYVNZMBR vibe, including some big[ger] hitters like Foxes in Fiction, Sleep In, and Chris Rehm (who recently put out a killer record called Worries, etc which I have yet to write about and yes, I do hate myself for being so slow on it). The real cool part is that your donation also buys a tape for one of the contributing artists, so they have something to cherish/sell/show off for their efforts. And you're helping launch what's sure to be an incredible label. Win/win/win.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

you know it's b-a-d when I have to visit my own blog to remember my formatting

Vit - -
[black metal, sludge, doom]

Yeah, doom-laden blacksludge. It's the sort of record you have to slowly peel and grind off your skin after listening to it - it will do everything in its power to suffocate, bruise, drown, and otherwise oppress you and if you're the kind of cat who's still around after reading that genre checklist and soaking in that beautifully bleak cover art then you're the ideal to candidate to be locked up in that shack yourself (look closer & don't come back until you see it). Luckily, Vit are a part of the movement in black metal that has, sadly, only really come around recently, wherein a) outside influences are a-okay, and b) "oppressive" and "bruising" don't mean triple-digit BPM all the way through (wait, is that a-okay? Am I being untrue? Can black metal be "a-okay"?). The draw here, and what makes this album infinitely more engaging, is the use of dynamics. The slow passages, the clean passages, the ambient passages - once the riff does kick in, it's a hundred times more brutal after being teased at for minutes at a time. Likewise, there's a huge doom influence, making this a fairly plodding record throughout (plodding as a positive thing, natch) meaning that when the tempo is dialed up it's all the more electrifying. Really, I can't remember the last time "sort of fast" was this thrilling, but it just speaks to the expert sense of pacing from start to finish. Thrilling in a "I wish I was dead" sort of way.


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sleeping Heart

Giles Corey - "Sleeping Heart"

Giles Corey- Sleeping Heart from Justin Donais on Vimeo.

Easily one of my most anticipated albums of the year is the upcoming full-length by Giles Corey - aka one half of Have a Nice Life - which has been a long time coming, having demos kicking around the internet since basically HANL came out as totally a thing. Totally downer doom-country that, while not explicitly about being crushed to death, is nonetheless thematically heavy and oppressive with the music ranging from stripped-down voice-and-guitar suicide notes to surprisingly lush ghostly full-band Americana. Pre-orders should be going live soon, and of course the packaging is going to be phenomenal and include some lengthy, vague/threatening "book" that is sure to end lives.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hi everyone, hi
Last month+ has been nonstop reading reading reading with some writing writing writing. Obviously not one of those writings was here but academia called, y'know. Thousands of words later, countless hours in my study, and I think I'm back in action, and I think this time I might mean it. Maybe. Hm.

Thanks to everyone who has continued to send me stuff over the last few weeks/months - sorry to everyone who has continued to send me stuff over the last few weeks/months. I'll get around to it. Really. Feel free to resend it, and feel free to totally call me out in the subject line -- I deserve it.

YPA 2.0
(I still have exams ok sorry)
(and like, a job)


Friday, March 25, 2011


I dunno, guys. Music is kinda lame.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

help me out, guys

Caddywhompus - "Age of Wild Spirits" (single)
[experimental pop, post-everything, proto-somethingelse]

Yeah, with a name like that, you know you're getting in to something good. "Experimental pop" is way too vague, I know, but that's really what it is. It's an entirely manic single: impossible to follow but curiously hook-laden thanks to the vocals. It's a total blast to actual hear something that you can't predict, from the drone-swell build-up to the spazzy bursts of blastbeats and all sorts of off-kilter mathy riffing recklessly thrown about when it's not a flattening wall of sound. The sort of song that begs to be immediately re-listened to even if you didn't like it because you'll want to try (and fail) to understand the thing. But, I mean, you won't not like it, that's impossible, sorry.

Now there is where you help me and help yourselves: if you click that link below and download the single, and do it 7498 more times (or tell your friends of whatever, this thing just needs to hit 7500 downloads total), the new Caddywhompus EP gets released right then and there instead of in May. I, for one, can't wait that long for more of whatever this is, so download it and get all your bros to do the same.